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Total and Permanent Disablement

Income Protection

Critical Illness

Term Life

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Why Maddox & Associates?

We succeed in novel and complex cases that other lawyers consider to have no real prospect of success.

Recent Victories

  • A 38 year-old Factory Worker was denied his TPD claim twice after being represented by one of our competitors. He was advised that he had no case after his previous lawyers briefed a Sydney barrister with over 10 years’ experience in the field.

Five months later, he approached Maddox & Associates for a second opinion. Atticus rigorously reviewed the evidentiary deficits and previous legal submissions. Three weeks after lodging counter-arguments, the Insurer approved our client’s claim.

  • We successfully argued case law to obtain a TPD benefit for a 44 year-old Home Care Worker, who had ceased work after she was no longer insured.

  • A 47 year-old former Surf Life Saver was awarded $400,000.00 for depression, five weeks after we lodged his TPD claim.


Hidden Gems

Superannuation is more than a financial scheme to fund retirement. It can also be used to access life and disability insurance when you need it most.

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If a health condition is preventing you from carrying out your usual occupation, we can help you access insurance through your superannuation fund or life insurance policy. To claim your free insurance check and case review, contact us on 1800 329 073 or complete the enquiry form:

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We can change your life

We were clients of another law firm after a long time trying to negotiate with an insurance company who had been somewhat difficult to deal with. Atticus settled our TPD claim in under three months, and as a result, has immeasurably changed our lives, and ensured a better future for our children.


Atticus was always attentive to our needs, was supportive, understanding, treated us with empathy - as fellow humans rather than a case number or monetary figure, indeed, money was never seemingly her primary concern.

We were on the precipice of homelessness when Atticus' discussions with the insurer reached a conclusion and we had to read, re-read and read again, the decision by the insurer to approve the claim. Without the dedication and empathy that Atticus provided us, especially now in these uncertain times, our family may well be in a really dark place. We owe her a debt of gratitude for her empathy, sincerity, advice and humanity.


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